Katabatic and Arctic Kingdom Polar Logistics Collaborate for the Future

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Sea to Sea - Pole to Pole:

Katabatic Consulting & Technical Services, Inc. offers complete start-to-finish Field Support Logistics solutions for your project.  Whether your project requires remote-area medical support, global trans-shipping, project management, field safety support, or full field camp infrastructure, Katabatic can define, manage, and support your project. 

Katabatic Consulting & Technical Services has combined years of experience operating remote field camps and managing projects from the Arctic to the Antarctic.  We have partnered with and assembled an unsurpassed network of logisticians, field support, and medical professionals to meet the needs of even the most challenging remote field projects.

Our site is designed for prospective and current clients to locate a specific logistic and/or management need and to provide a broad understanding of what Katabatic Consulting & Technical Services provides for remote and challenging projects.


Katabatic Consulting & Technical Services
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