Global Rescue Signature Travel Insurance

For more than a decade, Global Rescue has provided unparalleled response and evacuation services to travelers around the world. From minor medical issues to life-threatening situations, Global Rescue’s critical services have been there when they were needed most. Travelers have trusted Global Rescue’s medical and security travel services since 2004, and now you can secure the value of your entire trip with Global Rescue’s Signature Travel Insurance.

Global Rescue and IMG have created one of the industry’s most complete travel insurance products, integrating Global Rescue’s advisory and evacuation services with the financial protection of a comprehensive travel insurance program. Available exclusively to Global Rescue members, Signature Travel Insurance guarantees that a trip abroad is covered no matter what happens.


Trip cancellation insured up to $100,000
Trip interruption insured up to 150% of trip cost insured
Up to $2,500 for lost luggage/baggage delay
$100,000 emergency medical/dental coverage
$100,000 common carrier AD&D coverage
Up to $2,500 for sports equipment rental
Cancel-for-any-reason coverage 75% of trip cost
Interrupt-for-any-reason coverage 75% of trip cost

Signature Travel Insurance policies start at just $20. We strongly recommend that you learn more about Global Rescue’s Signature Travel Insurance by visiting  (or calling +1 (617) 459-4200.

About Global Rescue

Global Rescue employs hundreds of personnel, including numerous military special operations veterans, in multiple locations around the world. We bring our members to safety, even if they’re far from civilization or in a dangerous environment. We have performed more than 10,000 missions, bringing members from danger or injury to safety and comfort. When a member is injured or sick, Global Rescue’s medical advisory services offer clear answers and smart advice about what to do next.

Your project shouldn’t involve stress and worry if something goes wrong. A Global Rescue membership will give you the comfort of knowing that no matter what happens, you’re getting home safely.

Global Rescue memberships start at $119, with annual memberships for only $329. Full family memberships are also available.


Global Rescue memberships include:

Medical evacuation services to your home country hospital of choice
Field Rescue services from the point of injury or illness
TotalCareSM – 24/7 access to board-certified physicians, clinicians and specialists from Elite Medical Group and the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations
Face-to-face video consultations and advice about your diagnosis
Prescriptions, lab work, diagnostic imaging
Help determining the best possible treatment options
Security extraction services from natural disasters, civil unrest and hostile environments
Integrated mobile app technology for video consultation, GPS tracking and global intelligence reports

Visit or call +1 (617) 459-4200 to learn how to enroll.