Remote Medical Support

Katabatic Consulting & Technical Services employs remote field medical personnel who specialize in specific environmental arenas.  Mountain, desert, marine, jungle, and hostile environments dictate specific medical knowledge to manage a project's needs and emergencies.  Katabatic Consulting & Technical Services will assign the appropriate medical professional for the specific environment in which your project is operating.

 Katabatic Consulting & Technical Services remote field medical staff will assemble and provide the appropriate medical supplies, equipment, and medications for your project needs.  Our remote-area medical staff will provide preventive, clinical, emergency, and daily comfort care for your project.

 Our remote field medical staff also maintain 24/7 contact with medical specialists in the event of special consultative needs.

  • Remote Field First Responders
  • Remote Field Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Remote Field Paramedics
  • Remote Field Register Nurses
  • Remote Field Physician Assistances
  • Remote Field Nurse Practitioners
  • Remote Field Physicians