​During project planning, medical support and logistics should be part of the advisory phase.  Remote projects change the scope of traditional medical planning due to the possible distance to definitive medical care and possibly the very nature and location of the project itself.  Depending on the project location, size, and risk factors, the medical component may be simple or very complex.  The more complex the project or expedition, the more pre-planning and detail is focused on the medical plan and needs.  Katabatic focuses on the project or expedition's location, duration, equipment requirements, team size, medical experience, and budget to help determine the appropriate medical plan for the client.  In-depth research confirmed through multiple independent corroboration with the Katabatic medical network of accomplished professionals will refine and validate all information and assumptions involved in our client's medical advice and plan.

 The planning and advisory phase includes risk assessment, medical plan development, medical equipment recommendations and procurement, environmental and geographic assessment, and medical evacuation and egress plans.

 Katabatic Consulting can engage with a project/expedition during the pre-planning/planning phase or engage with an existing project to assist in implementation or improvements of their existing medical plan.​​

  • Risk Assessment
  • Medical Plan Development
  • Medical Equipment Recommendation
  • Appropriate Level of Care Recommendation
  • Medical Equipment Procurement
  • Specific Environment /  Geographic Medical Considerations
  • Medical Evacuation and Egress Plans
  • Local Community Medical Integration 

​Consulting Services