Katabatic Field Logistics and its partners are world leaders in the testing, deployment, and use of cutting-edge equipment.  We rigorously test all of our products in the field in a variety of environments and have assembled a collection that we believe is second to none.  All of our gear has been used and proven by our staff and customers and has been chosen for its high-quality performance in extreme situations and its durability and strength in remote environments.  We have assembled catalogues that outline our recommendations for tents, clothing, vehicles, technology, personal dive gear, and dive infrastructure.

 Katabatic Field Logistics and its partners can not only outfit a single project, whether it's an expedition to the poles or a scientific or industrial work camp, but will also attempt to optimize camp plans and budgets through coordinated logistical plans across a company or institute and between the Katabatic Logistics network of companies.  Whenever possible, Katabatic Field Logistics will attempt to see if activities from different groups may be performed without compromise from a camp shared with one or more projects for better economies of scale.  Beyond the savings from sharing a larger camp, which may not always be feasible or desired, there may also be savings for camps from different projects sequentially-operated in the same area.  This reduces and shares the freight, mobilization, and demobilization costs for each camp.  With greater volumes of camp usage, we may also keep camp supplies permanently based in particular regions so that ongoing annual costs are reduced.  Even when camps are not co-domiciled or sequential, we will attempt to coordinate re-supply logistics between diverse camps for more regular deliveries and cost savings based on shared aircraft utilization when a flight plan can service multiple camps.  Katabatic Field Logistics is also uniquely-positioned to occasionally provide access to multiple camps in a region.  For example, should a scientist or geologist wish to visit multiple locations, they may be able to travel from camp to camp for the easiest possible access to a wide selection of otherwise logistically-inaccessible locations.  (Such access will depend upon each camp’s project(s), population, and understandings/agreements with those who are primarily based in each location.)


  • Across & combined institutional
  • Combined
  • Sequential
  • Regional equipment bases
  • Hub & spoke or sequential resupplies
  • Round robin visitation
  • Mobilization & Demobilization