The success of any project is usually tied to the quality and experience of the team.  Complicated logistics and time-consuming tasks appear easy when performed by people who are familiar with the equipment, experienced in the challenges of the environment, and comfortable working at a rapid pace to keep up with the demands of the project.

 Beyond the smooth running of the camp itself can come the significant responsibilities of navigating the land or water.  Katabatic Field Logistics works with field safety guides in areas around the world to ensure the greatest degree of safety.

 We can provide a full team to cover all support and leadership roles or can fill any missing positions.

  •  Project Leader
  • Operations Manager
  • Camp Manager
  • Camp Assistants
  • Camp Chefs & Cooks
  • Medical Staff
  • Vehicle Drivers
  • Guides
  • Equipment Manager
  • Equipment Technician
  •  Mechanics
  •  Divers & Supervision
  •  Sentries
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Travel Coordinator
  •  Freight Coordinator
  •  Community Coordinator
  • Gateway Coordinator
  • Training Coordinator
  • Training Instructor