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  • Travel Coordination
  • Emergency Coordination
  • Tax Credits & Labor Rebates
  • Field Services
  • Community Liaison
  •  Food Services​


 Before a project can be planned, the focus, duration, equipment requirements, team size, experience, budget, and goals must be understood.  Next, an array of possible locations may be considered in order to select a single location or evaluate how multiple areas could be coordinated as required.  In-depth research confirmed through multiple independent corroboration with the Katabatic Logistics international network of accomplished professionals will refine and validate all information and assumptions.

One or more scouting trips may be done depending upon project size to provide a first-hand confirmation prior to developing a full field support plan.  For smaller projects, we can provide advice on dozens of locations based on our experience operating in each area to save the significant cost of scouting trips.  The project advisory phase ends with the selection of a specific location or sequence of locations.

Project Planning

Operating a field project can be the easy part if the planning has been done properly.  Although flexibility is an essential ingredient in all field work, it does not negate the importance of planning all aspects of the project/expedition.  Katabatic Field Logistics has a very thorough and deliberate planning process.

Katabatic Field Logistics can assist or take sole responsibility for all flight planning, accommodations and transfers, ground transportation, equipment selection, camp management, fuel management, staff selection, menus and food preparation, waste management, specialized clothing, and thorough participant briefings.

In short, we ensure that every field project has been well thought-out so nothing is overlooked.  Smooth operations are influenced almost entirely by the quality and thoroughness of the planning, and we pride ourselves on having such planning down to a science.


Depending upon the project, permitting requirements may be extensive.  Import and export permits, licenses to transport firearms across international borders, and archeological permits are just a few of the documents you may need to conduct your field project.  From research licenses, land use authorizations, and national parks permissions to permits for water usage, explosives, and specific radio frequencies, Katabatic Field Logistics can ensure your field project is properly permitted, saving you expensive delays or even cancellation.

Contingency Planning

The best-laid plans nonetheless require flexibility.  We expect the unexpected, planning for risks and contingency scenarios to the greatest extent possible so we can respond rapidly.  Contingencies generally fall into a number of recurring categories, including:

-Transportation delays – Equipment or project members may be delayed. -Weather – May prevent movement or delay the project goals. -Reliability – Suppliers or equipment may not operate to the expected degree of reliability. -Safety – All scenarios must be understood and have well-rehearsed responses.

Menu Planning

The process to plan a menu for a group over an extended period in a remote area is a large task.  Our Camp Chef will spearhead the planning and seek feedback to ensure that the cuisine is customized to the groups’ palette and to accommodate both the itinerary and contingencies.


Supplies for the expedition must be ordered and purchased in advance.  This purchasing phase may start many months in advance of the expedition.  To minimize air freight, sea freight may be used in some cases, which could necessitate packing being finalized an entire year in advance! 


Depending upon the location and project goals, all participants may require various training programs or licenses.  Whether it is a firearms license, medical training, survival training, radio operator license, ice rescue training, boat operator credentials, or other specialized training, such as bear safety, hyperbaric medicine, food safety, or vehicle operation, we can organize and frequently teach all courses either before departure or, occasionally, in the field.

Travel Coordination – Itinerary Planning

As flights to certain field locations may be infrequent, connections can be challenging to plan in order to minimize the time in transit.  Every time project dates are moved even a little, there may be a whole chain of other dates that need to change and as all are set to work with infrequent schedules, the task of re-scheduling can be a significant one.

Inbound/Outbound Flight & Hotel Coordination

The company or institution may opt to look after most of the arrival and departure information into and out of a gateway city or Katabatic Field Logistics can make such arrangements such as international flights, airport transfers, and hotel reservations.Immigration & Visas

International travelers may require work visas depending upon the country of citizenship, employer, length of time in a foreign country, and job responsibilities.  Katabatic Field Logistics can provide assistance to both review potential requirements and facilitate obtaining appropriate visas as necessary.  Occasionally, logistical plans may make clearance desirable at locations which are not designated or staffed points of entry.  With sufficient advanced clearance from border security and immigration, landing in these places may be possible and Katabatic Field Logistics can make it happen. 

Emergency Coordination 

When serious problems arise, actions must be taken swiftly.  The initial actions may be predetermined in the field but subsequent details such as medical evacuation flights and hospital availability for specialized procedures must all be confirmed.  Interfacing with insurance providers, police, and/or search and rescue may all require around-the-clock availability to ensure communication flows smoothly for the most-efficient resolution of the emergency. 

Tax Credits & Labors Rebates

Depending upon the type of work, nationality of the employer, and country where work is performed, there may be opportunities to claim back various government taxes on purchases or services.  For film work, there may be an opportunity, depending upon the territory, to claim rebates on labor.  Katabatic Field Logistics can help prepare and submit documentation to recuperate such costs and take advantage of any incentive programs whenever possible. 

Community Liaison

When working closely or through a local community, community members and organizations appreciate (and may require) consultation as part of various permitting processes.  The closest community may also be an important logistical link for airplanes or personnel en route to the final camp location.  When possible, Katabatic Logistics will try to hire support staff for camps from the closest communities as a way to reduce costs and create local employment.  Katabatic Field Logistics is proud of our close relationships and ability to work with all community members and organizations and is pleased to communicate with the town citizens and councils about plans and ways that the community can assist with and benefit from the projects. 

Food Services

Meals are a critical aspect to the running of large camps and the success of any ambitious project.  The Katabatic Field Logistics culinary team can prepare anything from advanced freeze-dried menus for emergency rations or travel in extremely cold or hot conditions to pre-prepared comfort food and fresh gourmet meals prepared by chefs of the highest distinctions.  With advance planning that starts as soon as a project is confirmed, our chef will prepare a menu specific to the group’s culinary tastes and logistical constraints.